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Wuxi speed thaw credit financial services company credit card phone self-service terminal is for individuals to provide credit card repayments, personal loans repayment, bank card transfers, receivables, prepaid recharge, financial services and bank card balance query midrange handset tailor-made products, using APN card support point to point wireless channels and PSAM card technology to protect the personal use of funds transfer security and confidentiality. Is a can be used as cell phone use can be used as a self-service terminal for some financial businesses to handle high-tech products.

Wuxi speed thaw credit financial services firm has extensive, proven experience in financial services, is an important official partner of all major banks, with the top 20 commercial banks in the country for a third-party payments business cooperation, and bank online banking and mobile banking cooperation.

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first, money bags treasure focused Yu mobile paid problem of solution, and not consider across territories operation; second, established Yu 2008 of money bags treasure, Since its inception focused on research and development in the field of mobile payment reserves. Finally in 2010 for mobile payments in China's "Spring" of continuous innovation and constant pursuit of perfection is the survival of the company and development of the road and the differentiation of competition.

once again, thanks to the rapid development of mobile Internet and e-commerce opportunities, mobile Internet (e-commerce) "bearer", focuses on mobile Internet payment problem, for e-commerce enterprises to do logistics is purse Bao developed a profitable strategy.

Wuxi speed thaw credit financial services companies with various types of partners in a variety of modes of cooperation, especially in the banking system, has become a major banking online mall provider of digital products, for the major banks to provide users with a comprehensive product sales and after-sales services, has established a strong brand and reputation in the market.