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Broken 4 3 base baby life insurance products of domestic yields 7% outshines

cut down the falling trend, cargo yields base class baby product "above 4" or even "break 3" banking products yield decreasing trend, however, banking insurance products expected rate of return remained at 5%, 6% or even 7% more than a few dazzling financial platform products. Look this cheap passage in the traditional market, only insurance product yields, "strong", which makes the life insurance industry will spread loss issue more attention.

after all, the life insurance industry is facing both ends of the assets and liabilities between; on the liability side, funding costs continue to rise, and on the assets side, placed in front of the environment are low interest rates, shortage of assets, project wild. Has research institutions people analysis, Lee poor loss appeared of conditions extremely demanding, given insurance company of investment returns rate declined slow, and long-term cheap and market long-term downturn of possibilities basic not exists, and life insurance products of scheduled interest rate still far below insurance investment returns rate, and insurance company stock policy of commitment guarantee interest rate very low reasons, this round cheap not introduction to Lee poor loss, Lee poor received narrow range also very limited.

insurance financial yields superior to look this cheap channel of financial market, insurance proceeds rates "strong". In Jingdong regular banking channels, a variety of life insurance company's expected rate of return on investment-linked insurance products to 6%. ECR platform owned by Tencent, another two life insurance companies expect annualized rate of return of more than 5% of investment-linked insurance products, was sold out in two days.

micro-7% public bank APP launched after the expected rate of return of products, also for a pension insurance company products. Yields on bank financial products, according to the silver of the rate of network data, from November 7 to November 13 accumulated balance more than 700 Yuan to be sold than average yield is 4.4% structured financial products, the chain continues to decline.

from returns interval see, most products expected level in 4% to 5% interval; expected returns rate over 6% (containing) of products only has 1 paragraph, 88 paragraph products expected returns rate in 5% (containing) to 6% interval, 506 paragraph products expected returns rate fell in 4% (containing) to 5% interval, 133 paragraph products expected returns rate fell in 3% (containing) to 4% interval, 20 paragraph products expected returns rate below 3%. Financial platform money Fund products expected yields have fallen to below 4%, which represents the balance of the treasure recently 7th expected annualized yields only 2.79%. By contrast, in various financial management platform, managing finances yields attractive insurance products is self-evident, but it brings to the life insurance industry's information management challenges.

Executive Vice President of the insurance information management association and Secretary General Cao Deyun said recently that liability of party funding costs continue to rise and pressure to exhibit rigidity, transmission to the insurance asset management, is the increasing difficulty of asset-liability matching. Ends the current environment and assets are low interest rates, shortage of assets, project wild, Cao Deyun said insurance information management if only negative Castle spreads may face losses.

cheap not introduction to Lee poor loss in this year first half of held of Chinese life 2014 years performance launches Shang, face reporter proposed of interest rate down and products fee modified of trend Xia life insurance appeared Lee poor loss risk of probability has more big of problem Shi, Chinese life Deputy President, and total fine is Division Li Mingguang said, from insurance can see of returns and for future returns of expected, and insurance regulatory of reserves policy requirements see, traditional insurance fee modified new products of Lee poor loss risk also is unlikely to. Haitong Securities Research Institute of non-bank financial analyst Sun Ting in a recent publication of the spread loss will really appear? Report says spread loss occurred in extremely harsh conditions, this cheap not to spread loss, spreads narrow range is very limited. Sun Ting for four reasons. First, the decline in the rate of return on investments of insurance companies will be very slow.

This is partly because China's 80% per cent of insurance asset allocation to fixed-income assets, assets for a long time for a period of 6-8 years, yield stability on the other, in 2014, before the rate cut, the insurance company had laid out with long-term stability of higher-yielding bonds, contracted deposits, non-standard assets. Secondly, the spread loss occurs if, in addition to soft things, also capital markets long-term downturn, it considers this possibility does not exist.

again, even soft, sluggish and capital markets, long-term, negative impact on insurers is also very limited. From 1999 to 2013, 2.5% is the maximum interest rate insurance provides insurance products and commitment in the policy the insurance company stock a minimum rate of 2%-2.5%. Although the current interest rate ceiling of insurance products being phased out, some raise the policy interest rate to 3%-3.5%, still well below the rate of return on investments of insurance companies. According to the data released by the China insurance regulatory Commission, by 2015 in the third quarter, insurance investment income was 5.92% in 2014, insurance investment income was 6.3%, 2013 is 5.04%.