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Men earning 20,000 twin families how to manage their money

Mr WONG, 30, working in a foreign company engaged in technology research and development, and a monthly income of around 20,000. In March this year, Mr WONG has just had twins, children are in good health, he and his wife were very happy. Currently, she also returned to work. However, the question also, raising two children spend 1 time times higher than originally expected. At present, Mr WONG's family have capital of more than 700,000, how to manage your money becomes a problem. In order to make a little bit more "milk money", they consulted a financial planner.

"financial analysis" financial planner analysis view, first of all, Mr WONG's income is not bad, and 240,000 a year, plus some of the year-end bonus, welfare and so on, almost 300,000. And his wife returned to work, and also has a certain level of income (6500/month), this income is also a supplement to the family. Secondly, raising two children and they spent up to 5000 Yuan per month, plus other living expenses, a total of 12,000 a month or so. Thus, Huang family the monthly basic expenditure remaining is probably around 14,500 years remaining approximately 174,000 (not including benefits, bonuses, etc), generally belong to a certain income of excess, but not rich would-be middle-class families.

"financial recommends" on this, financial Division recommends yellow Mr, at this stage for family financial can from following four a aspects for:

1, and established alternate funds account now, yellow Mr about has has two a children, in children of growth stage, also will has various of spent, and family also to retained must of emergency funds, so in investment financial Qian, should reserved out part funds out, as alternate. Recommends that the funds set aside about 10.12 million.

2, 200,000 funding short-term financing in addition, it is recommended that Huang conducted short-term financing, partly financing can make the family funds have greater mobility. Configuration, such as bank financing products, yield at around 4.5%-5.5% investment duration from 1 month to 12 months with short-term financial investments that can be selected from 1 month to 6 months intervals. In addition, you can also configure some fixed income products, such as steady advantage select Fund, yielding 7%-14% investment period for 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. But the latter investment threshold higher than bank financial products, 200,000, bank financial products investment threshold, mostly just 50,000, of course, the latter yields higher.

3, 20.4 million long-term financing long-term financing funds, generally for more than 12 months of investment. Long-term financing typically have higher yields of short-term investment characteristics. In popular Bolivians MOM stock investment plan, for example, its priority with 8% fixed income plus free returns are relatively healthy stock market investments, are also more suitable for families to invest in long-term financing. In addition to the fixed-income portion, may also get the higher potential returns, invest for the long term, it could be good. Configure amount of recommendations can be maintained at a total investment of around 40%-60%.

4 other financial advice financial planner suggested Mr WONG in the usual financial management should also pay attention. Such as loose money, can be placed in balance treasure and improve fund use efficiency. This investment, than placed on banks to increase their capital gain, while not affecting the use of funds, after all, online banking and online payments are very convenient now. Bank's current interest rate is 0.35% and balances 3% Po can still have yields, is good. In terms of living expenses, two children of baby supplies expenditure is not small, recommendations may be appropriate in some network-friendly baby products group, for a larger discount.

like the double 11 Shopping Festival, which, merchant's aggressive discounting is still very large, may be appropriate to focus on buying, hoarding some goods (such as baby milk powder). Finally, financial planner also remind Mr WONG, family finance must not be too hasty. Families also should pay attention to the present income stability and the stability of the overall financial situation, so the two sides first stable job, good income, and make use of the existing capital investment in value-added work to supplement family income.