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A large wave of new funds to buy it due to first understand these

restart again broke the IPO for several months, was released 28 new companies to recover, so recently a new Fund in the market and playing chicken blood, poured out a lot of new funds. There's many friends came and asked, do you want to buy new funds, and how to choose it?

food guide today and the things that we talk about the new Fund. New IPO rules sparring is more bad news for new fund IPO after the restart the game rules has changed very much, sparring is more bad news for new funds. Mainly in the following two points: first, the existing new shares purchase advance payment system to determine the number of placements after payment. In other words, now want to play new shares, you can apply for new lines, placing quantity for delivery to funds obtained.

such an approach can improve the utilization of funds, ease the flow of stock shortages. But playing the new Fund, used to be extra money more, larger funds allocated a greater success rate, but now need to pay, there will be more large and small Fund (as long as equities) came to try it, reducing the threshold for participation, which have low probability of success. Second, the issuance of up to 20 million shares of small cap stocks will be canceled an inquiry links directly to the online Investor pricing issue, cancel the offline. This means two things:

(1) one or two secondary market spreads will shrink.

you know, new Foundation earned is the difference, so that certainly affected the yield of the new Fund.

(2) cancellation of small stocks offline, new funds to reduce the chances of distribution shares. In General, after the implementation of new programmes, new Fund yields will decline. After the introduction of new programmes, more companies will take the practice of combining new and fixed-income investments, media reports say, "predicted annual earnings between 6%~8%, it is still very attractive to institutions." Among the 6%~8%, not to mention Deuteronomy redemption fee management fee (call charges is a mixture of the new Fund-Fund fees, some may have downgraded), yields this year what do you think? Opinions differ.

hybrid Fund firm pushes hairstyles many new funds while the new Fund's rate of return has diminished, but IPO restart is to let the market play a handful of chicken blood. In this two-day hybrid Fund cluster issue. Cuisine guide rough look at, there are many new funds, please look at the pictures (more new fund information, please dish friends to view itself): you know, the recent wave of open shares is to follow the old rules. Under the old rules, new funds must meet the following requirements: first, payment of IPO advances and, secondly, to have a market value of 10 million Yuan at the end of cartridge and meet within 20 trading days average market value of 10 million Yuan.

food guide said this before, there are many new funds is nothing new to play, light warehouse and short positions. Now scramble to raise this deluge, meant to buy nearly 200 million Yuan worth of shares in the short term. Problem is, the 28 and complete the IPO shares will be in the year, uh, ringing in the new year there ... ... 33 days. This risk and the pressure a little bit big! How to use the funds to participate in the end of the year a new wave?

If individuals want to participate in this year's final wave new feast, hitting probability really is a bit low. If you want to borrow new funds, can refer to the table on the release hybrid Fund, especially as of 20th, it is clear that these new Fund is trying to catch the last bus. In addition, the new Fund can also buy old, compared to the new Fund, some of the old Fund has a certain position reserve, poised, and to meet new standards more easily.