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Sell 80 bought 184 million art investment do it really good

more than 40 years ago, Rong Bao Zhai took only 80 Yuan put his creation of the Wanshan in the Pocket.

after 40 years, this work of about 3.1 square feet, with 58 million Yuan, after multiple buyers in dozens of rounds to compete, eventually sold 184 million Yuan. Just 40 years all over 2.3 million times the price of a painting, although there are some causes of devaluation of the Renminbi, but the figure was still shocking. See here, I believe that many people could not help but ask, bought 184 million Yuan 80 Yuan to sell, art investments really do it? Art really do it? This really is not. Financial Planner believes that although art investment has appreciated characteristics of fast, high income, but there are a lot of shortcomings, if not addressed properly, art is not really a "meat and potatoes".

so art has what drawbacks?

don't worry, let financial planner to thin road.

1, the identification of risks art investment risk is mainly focused on the identification of art, many works of art investment traps are often appear in this part. For example, many investors don't have the art ability to identify, and are provoking leakage testing, below the liar deliberately blinded, often buying fakes. In addition, the auction company has a lot of cheats will work together with some so-called "experts" made a number of false identification, to charge high prices for identification and early "auction fees", exhibition fees and other costs.

for such cases, Jia Feng Shui de financiers reminded, in order to avoid losses because of lack of judgement, before investing in works of art, investors must have in-depth understanding of art market and art appraisal and auction links to take extra care.

2, poor liquidity in the art market, many investors are to reap the benefits, rather than as a collection, so these people, very few people really know how to dig and discover works of art. So, in many cases, even if you buy a really work of art, if it is not advocacy, art "realization" process will be very difficult, and even sold, is not to get good value for money. The worst case is that if there are no encounters merchandise "Bole", you go bankrupt buying works of art may be interested. So, this would be tantamount to declaring your investments fail.

3, the high investment cost of the artwork is very high investment costs, for investors, if you do not have a certain economic strength, it is recommended that don't try to do art. If you go bankrupt to do art, but art liquidation as a result of the lack of publicity encountered difficulties, that is not good. If you run out of money, has bought the fake, not only failed to reap the benefits, but difficult to recoup their losses, it would be wrong.

so, ordinary investors for wage-earner, or investment firm advantage select fund such low risk, stable financial products more secure. Rise faster and higher income, art investment which makes it becoming popular in the market. However, the art high investment cost, identify risks and poor liquidity disadvantages can not be ignored. Therefore, Carlingford Reid financial planner reminders for art investment, investors must choose according to their actual participation.