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6,900 for after the 5,000 Bank 15 Endowment alone won't save

recently, about 15 years ago, the elderly pay 5000 Yuan, banks for a long time can not find the reason, refused to withdraw the news caused a heated debate yesterday, there has been new progress. Yesterday morning, Mr Luo told reporters that the mother's deposit has been taken out.

afterward, the reporter got to the soup Grandma's House, elderly people both excited and happy, she's finishing just out of the 6900 Yuan, she told reporters, the day before reporters after the Bank to contact her that night, and yesterday morning she succeeded in getting the principal and interest to the Bank. 5000 Yuan deposit Bank in 15, 15 years after the 6900! Think of 5000 Yuan 15 years ago and now the 6900, the same? Although the elderly are "both excited and happy," but the thought of 15 years did not know how much higher prices into 360 small series can not help but have a little snack. Old mother 15 years ago pay 5000 Yuan in the Bank on March 17, 2001, Xingang road, a woman in a bank account, pay 5000 Yuan the same day.

old mother told reporters that he was a farmer, usually the money piled up 1.1 points, in 2001, she decided to save 5000 Yuan in the Bank. Deposits for a long time, within the Bank system has been upgraded several times, currently to a woman this deposit information, unable to withdrawal. After some hiccup, involvement of the media, woman's money was taken out yesterday morning, principal 6900 Yuan altogether.

new age Endowment alone cannot save while these deposits are referred to, soup she some emotion, "this is my pension money, haven't moved it all these years." From the current economic level, 5000 Yuan do not like much, but for the woman but her pension money. For a farmer in 2001, thought of saving money in the Bank to save pension money beyond reproach, but now and then, you can choose how many new age Endowment alone won't save. Maybe someone will say, "I have been in old-age insurance, retirement pension pension on the line".

in fact, you know by now the pension standards, that money can only ensure a basic standard of living after retirement, and countries have been delaying retirement, recently broke a "tight 22 provincial pension", after the policy is not going to be like. So, to grow old is to make early plans by financial earning more. After 360 wealth management analysts gather capital for retirement, don't just rely on bank savings, you can choose to configure some of the less risky financial products, such as government bonds, bank financing products, money market funds and investment funds.

such financial products risk is low, but higher returns than bank deposits, more suited to the capital value of the pension. In addition, insurance is also an important part of old-age security, configure Health commercial insurance can also provide a full range of security for our future pension.