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United States release monkey "lucky" numbers "8888" at the beginning

United States coinage and banknote of finance 17th announced that to celebrate the Chinese Lunar monkey, the Council will be issued starting from the 18th of this month of two "lucky money" products. All product numbers "8888". New two "lucky money" products can be divided into a dollar and two dollars editions. Version of a product for a dollar on the cover there is a Golden Monkey holding a peach, next to "Golden Monkey life" message.

page, top, peach monkey pattern printed on the right side there is a bosom, introductions and greetings with a monkey Chinese zodiac on the left. In the pages below, containing a commemorative bank note uncirculated one dollar, the number four is "8888". Two products are the subject of an uncut version of the banknote paper, contains 8 two-dollar face value, before its number four is "8888". Banknote paper decorated with 12 Chinese zodiac signs, as well as four weeks of "Fu" and other patterns.

US Treasury Chief Financial Officer luoxi·liaosi said at the launch of the day, starting from 2000, each year the Treasury issued the "lucky" products. Count on sale of two products, the Treasury launched a total of 27 products. Rios told news agency reporter said, "lucky money" product because of its limited release and the moral good and widely welcomed by collectors. Among individual products for a small number of things, most of the "lucky" products on sale were soon snapped up.

in order to allow more consumers to experience this joy, the Treasury had to take "restriction" measures. It is understood that a dollar version of "lucky money" product total release 88888 set, priced at $ 5.95. Two version of "lucky money" products total issue 16888 sets, priced at $ 58.88. United States coinage and banknote printing Bureau of the Ministry by phone, fax, store network, a global offering.