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The a-share does not believe in tears: 4 month 25,000 Super major fell out

recently, the TV drama to North Canton does not believe in tears hit. If you say "North Canton does not believe in tears", then the capital market does not believe in tears--the daily economic news reporter noted that, in the company's October monthly statistics show, compared to June figures, 4 months, the a-share market value over millions of Yuan's account has been "evaporate" 24982.  Maybe this also could serve as a warning to investors the risks of materials.  

October new openings of atrophy

in the October monthly bulletin of statistics showed latest month added accounts from the new a-share brokerage, Fund and QFII September fell, were 28-, 785 households, and 1 family, but such data for September 5, 925 households, and 12 families.

the daily economic news reporter noted, from month-end market value investors distribution list, has listed a-shares held by the investors in companies according to the end of the month the market value of the size, the investor account is divided into 8 sections.  October data showed, although the market value in number of 6 sector accounts more than 100,000 yuan per cent growth in September, but compared to the June data, these 6 sector accounts is still weak.

holding two of the most valuable sections is 10 million RMB ~1 billion and more than 100 million accounts, both sectors are generally considered "super users". October the above sectors account, respectively 59891 12079, June respectively less than 22885 households, and 2097.  Combined October "super large" evaporation 24982 compared to June.

net inflow of securities transfers last week are

, however, data is also good news.  Reporter for the daily news noted that last week (November 9-13th) a-share new accounts a week earlier apparent growth and transfers first net transfer of banking and securities.  

statistics show one week investors in, November 9-13th, number of new investors to 353,600 (natural 352700, non-natural person 900), compared with the week before the number of new investors 300,200 rose 17.79%.  

investors last week to participate in a-share trading volume was 25.5546 million, compared to the previous week's 23.5761 million has also increased, but compared to sentiment in mid-June when most high 35 million data, there are significant gaps.

the other hand, Bank-securities transfer after two consecutive weeks of net outflows last week, resulting in a net inflow. Investor Protection Fund, the latest data show that last week (November 9-13th), securities trading settlement funds funds totaled 2.1971 trillion yuan, investors Bank and securities transfers net transfer amounted to 35.1 billion yuan.  Earlier investors net transfers have two weeks in a row out of banking and securities, which last week of October the net out of 54.6 billion yuan, net out 7.3 billion yuan in first week of November.

analysts said investors Bank and securities transfer amount significantly inflow in the second week of November, or that investors having relatively good.  In General, with the a-share market continued to pick up, banking and securities transfers net capital inflows will continue.

for the future, joint ventures, according to Peng Naishun optimistic attitude. In his view, the current a-share, from fundamentals, policies or financial perspective, are likely to have a greater market. Because the IPO resumption of stones fell, ample emboldened management.  But he believes that, from a technical perspective, will take some time to prepare.

Boda equities investment Director Shi Wei said, the current status of the a-share market is a bit like the 1998 ~ economic consolidation, but ample liquidity. For the future, to see whether the economy is stabilizing, distant view of the reforms, and if the reforms could be implemented gradually, shares into long-term slow cow is still worth the wait.