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States Fund loan minimum amount increase of 200,000

published recently by the Housing Fund Management Center of Central Government, adjust the tube measures Provident Personal loans, purchase the first set of owner-occupied housing loans, no longer considers nearly 1 year whether to extract the Provident Fund, and when calculating the loan amount, minimum amount has been raised. Personal housing accumulation Fund account balances are calculated according to the 70,000 yuan less than 70,000 yuan. In fact, just a few months ago, States have relaxed about lending to fund one.

individual account balances of less than 20,000 yuan under the original calculated in accordance with 20,000 yuan, adjusting for individual account balance is calculated according to the 50,000 yuan less than 50,000 yuan, but only when the applicant is borrowing to buy first in owner-occupied housing, and loans accepted within 1 years not extracted before housing fund. After all these little half restructuring not only lift restrictions for Provident Fund, and calculate balances from $ 50,000 is raised to a minimum of 70,000 yuan. This Provident Fund monthly deposit amount is the lower of the buyers sent to the dawn. What does this mean? what about mass effect?

view good planning Financial Division of analytical:

1, and loan minimum lines increased 200,000 useless had Provident Fund loan of small partners may not too understand, Provident Fund of loan is such of: loan lines is minimum limit multiplied by 10 times times, that is, in the adjustment zhiqian, if you of Provident Fund account in the balance below 50,000 yuan, so to 50,000 yuan of minimum limited multiplied by 10 times times, can loan 500,000 yuan. The adjusted account balances of less than 70,000 yuan, calculated according to the minimum of 70,000 yuan, you can loan of 700,000 yuan. In this way, more than one revision in March loans of 200,000.

Planning Financial Division prompted

the adjustment tube Provident Fund, Beijing city Provident Fund loans, the applicant's monthly family income, Provident Fund deposit amount, loan term, and has no direct relation with account balances. So if you, tube, or you do not know who exactly is, may wish to ask your company HR or enquiry provident fund schemes of the local service center. Addition, application Provident Fund loan of purchase who to note following points: cm if credit card 2 years within 6 times late is not loan cm

field deposit can in Beijing application loan cm Beijing outside purchase can offsite application Provident Fund loan 2 Provident Fund loan, save funds 5 years can saved 100,000 + generally, buy House Qian first to determine himself whether has not below total prices 30% of first payment; second to full assessment himself monthly reimbursement housing loan principal and interest by can bear of capacity.

with these prerequisites, Provident Fund loans became the first choice for most buyers. After a series of interest rate cuts, provident fund interest rate also significantly lowered. One loan of 2 million buyers, if you are using commercial loans, according to periodic repayments, for 30-year (360) the loan term, the monthly repayment: