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Wang: the rise in house prices in Beijing will last 10 years

in 2015, the Wang net worth beyond the Li Ka-shing, Asia's richest man.  And Li Ka-shing, as Wang's wealth benefits from its own sharp insight as well as the rapid development of the real estate industry.

with the 2015 downward pressure on the Chinese economy, and real estate industry, said goodbye to the past high growth phase. Wang, however, 5-10 years in the future, (domestic) or can not be found to replace the industry's "big train".  House prices in Beijing, he said that the net inflow of population over the next 10 years will continue to rise.  

he also said that the real estate industry is in itself not of "Viva", real estate companies cannot use this as the future of long term survival strategy.  

about real estate

short term alternative could not be found within the real estate industry

Beijing News: first half of macro data, many economic indicators are not ideal, but real estate is thriving, gradually showing signs of recovery, what do you think about this?

Wang: it's simple. This a round real estate of fire, nearly 150 trillion of issued currency, Super sent is certainly of (corresponds to GDP only 6 billion), currency volume is GDP of volume of twice times more, global are find not to which national is this situation, certainly has part is can understanding of, like China now also in development in the, some long-term investment of project, railway, and highway and so on, occupied has large of funds, but Super returned is obvious of.  Money is flowing like water, stock fire when they are run in the stock market, stocks won't be possible, also came to the real estate.  

can explain the macroeconomic State of downward, the real estate industry since May this year did well, especially one or two cities, also King of the, which is the fundamental explanation is not of the real estate industry, trend to the good, because a monetary phenomenon.  

the Beijing News: can be thought of as real estate is still a last "resort"?

Wang: of course. This round of (economic) downturn was brought about by the real estate downturn, real estate hit too hard. Real estate growth in 4 or 5 years ago has always been kept in 20% a year, suddenly dropped to 10%, or even to single digits this year also fell to 3%-4%, which removed some statistics of water, one more in line with inflation, may not have increased.  Therefore, real estate is now on China's economy plays a negative role, rather than being driven.  

the Beijing News: do you think the "locomotive" how long can also stimulate domestic economic?

Wang: the short term, I think in 5-10 years (domestic) or can not be found to replace the industry's "big train".  Real estate accounted for 12%-13%,7 million of GDP more than now, together with related industries, such as building materials building mechanical and electrical decoration, it is estimated that about a quarter of China's GDP one-fourth to 30%, such a big engine not running now, up to other industries, how many drivers behind the increase, the effect is small.  

in addition, the policy adjustment, see inventory time if policy adjustments in place, now there are killer apps aren't out yet.

I is old "athletes" has, from I into real estate industry yilai, experience had six times real estate "movement", Word are kept in variable, a began is governance reorganization, later is macro-control, but actual meaning is as, basically this six times are is to suppressed real estate mainly, because that when domestic economic also in material shortage of stage, real estate industry in supply of State, and Government accumulated of experience formed tube control means are is combat mainly; later property suppressed down has,  People were seen, knows no longer in short supply on the market

(changes in the structure of supply and demand) in the past (the Government) more than 20 years of accumulated experience and practices are bad, so now also did not find a way to transfer the real estate industry. Once in the early 90 's, when the medium-term, introduced many policies: all free of tax, buying a House against personal income tax, and what kind of incentives have been introduced to accounts and so forth.