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With housing inventory untie tubes provident fund the second time this year

recently, the securities journal from the Housing Fund Management Center of Central Government was informed that the States Fund loans policy to relax again. Under the new rules, employees purchase the first set of owner-occupied housing loans, no longer considered nearly 1 year whether to extract about housing fund; and when you calculate the loan amount, personal housing accumulation Fund account balances are calculated according to the 70,000 yuan less than 70,000 yuan. In addition, the new rules also mentioned that Beijing pay housing fund in the field of Central Unit staff, purchased in Beijing first set in owner-occupied housing, may apply for a loan. New deal from the 12th of the month.

"the implementation of new rules for entering the workforce, Provident Fund months for workers who have paid into the lower, is a major piece of good news. "Information security journal, Sun Yan, an analyst at Xinhua, said in an interview. It is reported that in March of this year, States had relaxed about lending to fund one, the original provisions of individual account balances of less than 20,000 yuan calculated in accordance with 20,000 yuan, adjusting for individual account balance is calculated according to the 50,000 yuan less than 50,000 yuan.

but only when the applicant is borrowing to buy first in owner-occupied housing, and loans accepted within 1 years not extracted before housing fund. Sun Yan said that States relax again of Provident Fund loans policy, to further develop personal housing accumulation Fund loan "protecting basic, and just needs" policies. Support for paid staff and improved housing demand will directly benefit the real estate industry.

"giving more loans, encouraging the active use of the Fund policy of buying groups to purchase, to stimulate the real estate market is very obvious. "E-House Research Institute think-tank, Center Director Yan Yuejin in an interview with the securities Journal said. Yan Yuejin said, first of all, this will enable eligible groups of buyers into the market. Secondly, to reduce housing costs of the relevant public officers, conducive to the protection of the housing needs of such groups. Finally, to enhance the confidence of employees Provident Fund payment, meet Provident Fund policy in the first place.