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Finance this ten of the bare-footed kid, the martial art you practice what?

last rookie banking push banking arena 10 doors, food friends reflect warmly. Food Guide today re-launched finance Lake ten martial art, martial arts for different financial products, involving funds, P2P, all to raise babies and insurance, consumer finance, the Internet and other varieties. Look at these creations (in birth order ranks), everyone is practicing what. One: the capital preservation fund--God and amazing uptime: May 28, 2003 food guide reviews God change is Jin Yong's novel the deer and the cauldron iron sword and the sword stained with Royal blood in the top of the door Dodge, is a better running motor grader, Shi took a turn East West line, you can avoid enemy attacks.

Wei Xiaobao has repeatedly used, avoiding shenlong taught, Lama's pursuit. This is like a capital preservation fund. Capital guaranteed fund capital preservation provisions, investors capital preservation cycle begins purchasing Fund, and hold on to capital preservation cycle ends to protect against loss of principal, but not strictly Cap revenues, the current trend of blind bear power, is the investor tour of essential martial arts. But God changed and no enemy to win power, just to avoid themselves from harm, and looking to counterattack. In contrast, defense of the capital preservation fund is strong, characteristics of offensive gains and weak, so it must be popular in the bears confronted.

II: grade b Fund--Tai Chi on-line time: July 17, 2007 TCC is one of Wu Zhen stunts in Jin Yong's novels, characterized by unity of form and spirit, intention without force focus to four with two ounces of law, leveraging the power of and feedback on each other, this "leverage" feature and grading of b-shares of the Fund. Grade b Fund mother Fund (generally index funds), zoom 1 to twice times leverage. Income fund income b Fund leverage. In a bull market, grade b easy to magnify gains, in a declining market, losses will increase. Representative products are: the reform of State-owned enterprises, gem grade b grade b Fund and so on.

as the taijiquan of "take force playing force" of features, using who itself must robust, or easy in on nemesis process in the, take force not anti-for powerful forces by injury; grading b Fund, for its lever of force, using needed see occasions: in bull in the, returns doubled, as the Zhang no bogey General, in Wudang man o II of vigorously diamond refers to, let people fascinated; and in bear in the, losses double, let people at arm's length! Wednesday: Bao--Yi Jin Jing, balance on the line time: June 13, 2013 world of kungfu Shaolin, and sinew is the treasure of Shaolin Temple. Learn the sinew can easily learn other martial arts. Financial management in lakes, referring to Yi Jin Jing, you must mention the originator of the financial balance of the Internet treasure.

balance Po a revolutionary innovation, so that the "IMF" the traditional financial products a new side. Deposit taking, low risk returns and far above the Bank's current, the advent of the Internet, "treasure", from financing the rapid development of the Internet. Balance Po is the basis of financing, and foster awareness of all financing. In the balance after the treasure, many people began to pick up the other way.

balance Po "baby" products are still demand the best choice, but very few people can appreciate the beauty of its maximum, it's like very few people can learn the full essence of Yi Jin Jing, not everyone can be sweeping monks. Restaurants: treasure – JIU Yin Zhen Jing line time: April 3, 2014 is written in the book of the JIU Yin Zhen Jing martial art is extensive and profound, almost all the superior martial art principles not from JIU Yin Zhen Jing content. As long as the can come into any of them a secret martial arts. Wealth management in lakes, only Ali Ant gold suit that its treasures are consistent with this martial art.

treasure is a comprehensive financial products on a regular basis, can be a universal insurance financing behind, can also be an investment-linked insurance money, could also be a commercial factoring P2P project ... ... Each of these banking representatives are now one of the most secure financial direction. Treasure both flexible, you can take the treasure project out back into a "treasure". All treasure items are secured with large financial institutions, and backed by the Alibaba group, very robust, the currently is Internet banking on the Lake's largest product on a regular basis.

Wu: ants spend--North along the line of time: April 22, 2015 North along the Styx is in Jin Yong's novel, Tian long BA BU, happy to send one of the top martial arts, whose purpose is to human forces for their own use, after sucking force stored in my body, this game is very similar to the Ant small loan personal credit products--its flowers. Ant micro-credit according to the user's online activity, payment habits, such as comprehensive, granting users spent 1000 Yuan credit ranging from $ ~5 million.

users can enable lines, cat, Taobao platforms "credit" consumption, only upon confirmation of receipt and repayment on schedule next month, are without interest. But to make the power of the North really need free using the method of internal force, I do not know how to use the North really tend to hurt themselves. Use Ant to spend, it wants to maintain its good credit record, participating in flower will affect their credit records in the network, because as the credit system of the network widely used in the financial, social, business, and will eventually have adverse effects on users.