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Small satin: has 500,000 to borrow from Bank 1 bucks

just a dollar and a Jewish-American businessman came to the loan Department of a Bank, take out $ 500,000 worth of stock, bond, bond asked for $ 1. Bank Governor asks him, "you have a $ 500,000 House, why would you borrow $ 1? "

" I'm here to do a deal, but take these coupons are out of the way. Rental vault of high rents, but I credit $ 1, 1 cent a year, we will send you these things in the form of guarantees, the more cost-effective. "

small satin: has 500,000 to borrow from Bank 1 spring and autumn and warring States era of venture capital money, song there was a businessman called Jian Zi, saw a lot of people in the market rush for a piece of uncut jade (Jade embryos in the rough). We offer about 100 gold. Jian Zi embryo seeing this piece of jade is jade, but he is not willing to pay more money, so they want a crooked idea.

misses when he pretended to see jade, jade fell to the ground and broke. In this way, others are not. Seller claims he just push us out of the 100 gold lost it to the seller. Supervision and take it back, after the repair process, into a nice piece of jade. Price had reached 1000 gold, received 10 times the profit. From the perspective of our economy today, broke a small piece, non-destructive value of jade; but in case the entire break, supervisor white paid 100 gold.

This is not a risky investment? Small satin: has 500,000 to borrow from Bank 1 money smart drill tariff import France women's gloves to pay high import duties, so the gloves in the United States the price very low. Joni went to France, bought 10000 and most expensive leather gloves, he divided each pair of gloves, 10,000 of them left to the United States. And he did not get the goods, goods have missed the deadline, in accordance with established practice and have the goods abandoned merchandise auction.

as a whole batch of left hand useless, Joni only a small sum of money, to buy all of them. Dream awake by Customs authorities, spoke to our subordinates: you must pay strict attention to, there may be a right hand set of ships, cannot allow the sly importers to succeed. Joni has 10,000 hand-packing into 5000 boxes, not like last time, brought over a whole bunch. Officers believe a boxed pair of gloves, must be a pair, the second batch of goods through United States Customs. Joni tariff of only 5000 pairs of mittens, plus in the first auction of a small amount of money, gloves 10000 successfully into the United States.