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Classification of banks yesterday rose shares last week rose slightly

yesterday morning, Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets both edged higher but opening index falling green fall of 3,600 points in the afternoon, near the tail index decreases in deeper, gem index extended yesterday "weakness" as closed down 2.12% in the afternoon.  It is worth mentioning that, yesterday afternoon the banks try to support, the banks index was a strong pull, rose 1.61%, although around two points a share again "diving", but the banks index tracking Stock Exchange Bank index in the two cities a few Bank rating Fund showed a trend of small red.

yesterday, a few Bank ratings recorded in the Fund while the Red Rose, but were less than 5%. Brainstorming data shows that tracking stock exchange banks index (up 0.29% yesterday) class b or 3.2% for banks, Bank b or 2.44%. In addition, besides financial securities financial index in the b track, remaining few Bank ratings are tracked in the Bank index rating Fund yesterday are slightly red.  Track 800 financial index, financial b small micro-1.03% yesterday, falling is the only classification of these banks.

in recent days, banks graded b share rose slightly. Statistical data show that bank b, yesterday financial total b share rose nearly qianwanfen, remaining few banks graded b shares also rose slightly.  In fact, in the game market stock funds, Bank index has modestly red 3 trading days in a row, early gem index of a strong rally in the market, short-term funding strong risk aversion, to lower valuations of large blue chips such as bank transfer is possible.

these Bank ratings, 4 Bank ratings at a small discount-only status.  Set SI Lu data show that bank b, Bank b, Bank b, Bank b is overall slightly discounted.

CITIC Securities, believes that two financial regulation are more rigid, the new issue (IPO) restart, Fed rate hike expectations have increased, although the defensive value of the banking sector is still reliable, but systematic valuation depends on economic stabilisation and comprehensive financial reform and speed up the internationalization of RMB. Past 3 years, Bank unit exists end of market (2012 social thaw Super increased, and 2013 plate round moving, and 2014 financial cattle), and, in bonds returns rate declined background Xia, dividends returns on long-term funds exists attraction, short-term within may exists game market;

current, two thaw regulatory more strict or on funds drive of game market produced disturbance, combined IPO heavy kai and fed raised interest rates expected enhanced, game market follow-up elastic to be observation. But in the backdrop of the admission of industrial capital, plate defensive value still highlighted.