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Private-not at the end of "too hard" just leave your layout next year

Prev shock for a few days, private participation in market enthusiasm obviously a bit faded. Securities times, most of the private persons interviewed said that, after October's gains, market chances. In view of this, some of them want to quit when you are ahead, do more research, planning the next year; some still low warehouse short-term fluctuations in participation opportunities, optimistic about the currency in the SDR (SDR) and other topics. Early next year, private-equity firms optimistic about slow cow situation, growth combination of blue-chip investment. Bearish market private and by the end of fall and Shanghai composite index hovering recently at 3500~3600 points, many private-equity firms remaining chances this year, has begun to shrink lines, intensify research, layout next year.

according to press reports, in October's rally, most of the private benefits are substantial. Swiss canton day investment Chairman Ye Hongbin said September gradually opening to 70%, configuration mainly in securities, State-owned enterprise reform, 4.0 industrial, media, health care and other industries, is also part of the configuration corresponding to the grade b, including the gem, medical b, b, b, securities, net gain of about 30%. A private, General Manager of Shanghai also said the October rebound in net product 20%. They rebounded better and "better received" more private.

Ye Hongbin told reporter, next market will maintained narrow fluctuations, index roughly in 3,500 points upper and lower fluctuations, to structural market mainly, "this situation Xia, this year of market almost can ending has, we all positions are down to 30%, intends to few participation, with put time concern Yu small of shares fluctuations, than increased on listed company of research, more run run company, layout next year. "

a private equity bosses in Beijing was more thorough, few in the market in the near future, mainly focusing on research, choose a good stock," now the markets are influenced by emotional factors too large, we do not understand, effect is not to make money, we are looking for a reason to fight, theme is rampant, is better not to participate. "Private equity also said, while the market as a whole is very low, but low position to participate in the short-term.

Shanghai Yi Tang Xiaosheng, General Manager of investment believe that recent market is not deep, but it will not be much better, overall plate rotation more opportunities, the biggest theme Yuan joined the SDR, financial stocks will do better, but small stocks by the end of May is a period of adjustment, some leading shares may lead peaked. In this case, he will bargain to join, flexible operation, "because investors are waiting for the fall opening will cause index is not deep, there are along the way, reform of State-owned enterprises by the end of topic can intervene on the cheap. "

Shanghai Arts holding investment Director Chen Lei at present short comparison, practice moderation, configuration of growth stocks, the pursuit of structural opportunities," index quotes are unlikely, stocks will be active, we will lower positions to participate in some, such as TMT, data, new energy vehicles, small cap stocks, and so on. "

slow grind next year can be found in blue-chip growth both in an interview with reporters, private-equity firms are expected to stabilise next year, believe the market will enter a slow cattle market, growth stocks is widespread and blue chips also have stage performance opportunities. Tokutani investment Shenzhen Chairman Zhao Lisong believes that economic fundamentals next year there are signs of stabilization, heavy weights will switch style may appear before the Spring Festival. Because in the process of capacity and capacity down to a certain degree of cyclical stocks, the supply side crunch, prices may go up, thus some of the cycle leading shares will come up. Next year's remains the focus of economic transformation, optimistic about the opportunities for upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the index may have around 1000 room, heavy weights will drive the stock market up, relatively good, slow grind higher.

Ye Hongbin told reporters that stocks could converge on fundamentals will increase next year, the marginal effect of impact on market liquidity has been declining, traditional industry depends on the changes in the macroeconomic situation, the valuations of emerging industries will still maintain a high level, but it also has the potential to gradually threw it high expectations are relatively rational cut of the secondary market, leading to greater flexibility in secondary market price fluctuations.

in this case, private equity has been preparing layout market next year. Zhao Lisong, told reporters that actions taken on six or seven small stocks, stock non-civil practices, waiting for the market to trigger factors appear. Tang Xiaosheng said early next year, on the one hand, you can grasp the high transfer of stocks early, on the effort to find earnings growth more stable, predictable, there will be a better valuation of switching opportunities. Ye Hongbin slightly cautious. He said systematic opportunity to identify the biggest variable is changes expected.