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Finance and investment need to be careful not get petty fraud

trick: in the name of payment guide stock swindling

in April 2012, the song received a company clerk in a phone, inviting George to join company members, the company can instruct song on stocks to make money. Song paid a membership fee of 3800 Yuan and 5000 Yuan a "red envelope" fee, according to the instructions in stock is not to make money. In August, the company clerk surnamed Lin call song, said salesman for bribes is prohibited, to investigate Zhang, and on behalf of Mr Yang to recover costs, at the same time, to make up for the loss of song, song can be arranged with him to do a company stock, very profitable. Mr song at face value, to the forest, a personal bank account into the 16000.

subsequently, Lin told song, said previous Red packet fee of 5000 Yuan recovered, song is the total investment now 21000, with company stock, earns more than 200,000 yuan, the more input, more profitable. And when the song twice remitted more than 32,000 square Yuan 2600 Yuan, Lin and request payment bank card activation fee, they no longer contact the above-named persons. Second trick: to hype, spot and Futures to commit fraud in April 2013, has been retired for some years, Mr Wong received a phone company clerk surnamed Zhao, advised Mr WONG shares with the speculation of stock index futures.

Mr WONG thinks that stock index futures risk, Zhao had recommended to him a spot of agricultural products company product, and there is a teacher with a yellow action. Mr WONG, in accordance with the other requirements to open an account and enter the 80,000 yuan. Results of operations for the first time a loss of more than 50,000 yuan, contacted the company Mr Huang, by stock index futures made back the losses claimed. Mr WONG operated two futures, and a loss of more than 3,000 yuan. After some time, Mr WONG find it impossible to login, another salesman surnamed Wang said trading system upgrade, ask Mr Wong told his account password, check he helped Mr Huang. Mr WONG believed her, told Wang the password.

the result, Mr WONG, all the funds in the account have been transferred, all previously contacted Mr WONG calls at this time were shut down. Deception III: fraud committed through website in July 2014, citizen King found a website blog published every day after 3 day stock delivery, short daily stock returns are very high. Wang then contact the blog QQ, the caller said to pay 3000 Yuan a month to join a category c Member synchronization with them.

the next day, Mr Wang to each other to provide bank transfer 3000 Yuan, contact each other through QQ Wang and Li. Wang and Li then telephone contact, Mr LI asked Wang to import 20,000 yuan funds raised to an account, can synchronization with Mr Wang, meanwhile, the 20,000 finance Gold 6% gains every day at 3 o'clock in the afternoon return to Wang after the close, until all return.

Wang believed, on July 22 will be provided 20,000 yuan into Lee's bank account. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, received each other's turn to raise proceeds for more than 1200 Yuan called. On July 23, Lee urged Wang, Wang remittance 80,000 yuan as stocks bonds are required. At this point, Mr Wang may have deceived to ask for refund paid 23,000 yuan, and could not be reached, Web blog shut down.