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Income is not an ideal five financial feat you "money"

in 2015, the economic downward pressure, repeatedly burst into a well-known corporate downsizing or hiring no longer news, and staff wages are hopeless, in income is not an ideal scenario, of course, can't sit still, wealth management Division summarized the five major financial feat allows you to have "money" feeling.


all things stand, does not advance the waste. Has a budget can clear the budget path; no budget, personal wealth will make you feel like a stream of losses. By making your own budget and accounting, you will know exactly what portion of their expenditures are not necessary, easier to control their own wealth. Budget to adhere to the "living within our means" the principle should be clear in the next one year or one month how much savings, expenses, aware of specific expenses and income of the family, it is best to save money each month, so to have the capital to invest in the future.

"start saving as early as possible"

Save now, after all of the primitive accumulation of capital overnight to complete, early accumulation of early investment of capital, before attaining their financial freedom. On savings, can has variety way forced himself for, a is in Bank open lingcunzhengqu account, monthly will himself left of balances wage into this account; II is used Fund set voted of way, each months fixed investment to specified of Fund in the, such himself of wealth on can add up, investment cost also can was split, overall investment risk was reduced, and expected also can get than Bank regularly deposits also to high of investment returns, but Fund set voted and cannot avoid fund investment by inherent of risk, This also need good control and screening.

"let idle funds flow up"

idle funds only flow up, to achieved its more big of value, all put in Bank, in current this low interest rates level Xia, apparently not best of select, let idle funds flow up of way and way has many species, in enough emergency petty cash zhihou, can took out remaining of part funds configuration financial products, investment risk to according to itself of investment situation and set, fixed returns class financial products, and bonds, and Trust funds are financial channels to choose from, but configure the sound type products, such as term flexible stability select Fund this type of investment funds financial management products, gains more secure, expected cost-benefit ratio to at least 7% years remain in the Bank's high interest rates.

"Note keep himself good of credit records"

may many people not to concern personal of credit situation, even think its no more big role, and actually credit records for personal, belongs to intangible assets, although see missing also touch not with, but until need loan buy room and buy car Shi, its role on appeared has, generally, credit grade scored more high, mortgage and car loan enjoy of loan interest rate on will more low, this intangible among is in to himself save money, General credit cards can be used to accumulate their own credit records, and maintain a good credit history, loan not only easier, and appropriate debt financing, is this not a double benefit.

"learn to avoid the risk of loss of wealth"

in the current period of shortage of asset allocation, capital the slightest mistake will result in the loss of wealth, and central banks several times "falling interest rate cuts", the devaluation of the money in the Bank substantially shrink, they all belong to the category of risk of loss of wealth. So in times of shortage of low interest rates and asset allocation, to avoid the risk of loss of wealth through various ways, diversification of financial products on the one hand configuration, diversify risk, but preferably not more than three categories; on the other is to learn to use professional financial agencies for selection of investment risks can effectively control and benefit sound financial products, instead of the blind pursuit of high returns. Income is not ideal it does not matter, learning scientific and rational financial management skills will make you a more effective use of existing funds, and income and expenses of daily life will become more reasonable, not only to "cut expenditure", and "money money" to open up, let your "money".