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Bloggers early review: digging before new shares purchase cycle effects

Bloggers early review: digging before new shares purchase cycle effects

Yuming: digging effect before new shares purchase cycle

index trend relative tangled, around 3,600 points expand saw, more empty both are no capacity completely control other, although bulls innovation high, but then also is down, despite short continuous using tail disc diving let index below 3,600 points, but index in 3500-3600 points platform build of main tone no changes, just bulls lost has high Hou breakthrough of opportunities and variable disc control right, into has more empty confrontation of situation.

Yuming think next market and will into to has weekend message surface drive of time has, with market trend gradually subtle, funds on future views also increasingly differences, at message surface dynamic often can change market of to, and short-term view maximum of factors is shares purchase cycle of coming, last year market every purchase because funds freeze elements formed has sold unit playing new hit out local low points, purchase funds thaw Eve formed rebound, then funds completely thaw promoted bulls breakthrough of trend,   Now also follows the rhythm of the market.

IPO is about to officially restart in 2013, after restarting the IPO at the end of each batch of IPOs, weak finishing prior to release, release shocks up, accelerated gains after the issuance. In the side this week, two major events cannot be ignored. Restart the hair is a matter of particular concern for the market. This means that the new shares are expected to restart soon, while the intention of the rule changes, but for now the new application of the rules will take time. Yuming consider that under the old rules, new shares will still be frozen a lot of marketing money. Second, overall lack of capacity is more serious. Approach speed of new funds in the future for the market is the most important.   Under the current state of energy market as a whole is expected rebound in limited space, and later still be dominated by stronger theme unit repeatedly.   

this of shocks just institutions to took chips, back exploration of time not too long, space also not too big, Yuming think main funds is to in 3500-3600 points build platform, for a repeatedly collection chips of process, many positions lower of institutions are are in waiting for admission, because in experience has 6-8 months of plunged Hou, private, institutions General low warehouse, according to October of a copies survey data, private average positions 20%-30%, again see November of volume, also has is big of admission space.

11.17 day venture board with early disc of high again create rebound high, description Shang Thursday high is not 5th waves high, but then venture board again killed fell, 17th of Yin line is 5th waves in of 3rd times Yin line (November 12, and 13th is 1 times Yin line), 5th waves has has run has 10 a trading has, and from form Shang see here seems to is in build double top, history Shang market peaked often is take double top of way. Yuming think after mid-September after two months of increases, the market as a whole has a greater profit, some funds have obvious profit-taking demand, resulting in a relatively wide swings in the market, in the current location for fast in and fast out of short-term trading. The medium term, in the case of cattle basic directions of reform does not change, the upward trend remains unchanged.

in addition, with the Yuan in the international monetary system, the State is about to begin substantive reform of State-owned enterprises get away again. These background, driven by the overall trend of China's capital market has been formed, is moving slowly Niu Chang cow pattern, as before. "Yuming investment homes" micro-public (yuming618) exclusive article of the era of negative interest rates induced real estate Bull became a rare bright spot on Wednesday, it means value elements are recognized by the Fund. Policy can control the position, avoiding high up, but no need to panic, and still maintain the shareholding structure, grasp, pick hat, medicine annual report theme unit.