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Local queue listing-intensive "blood" capital pressure

Local queue listing-intensive

recently, the Bank announced its IPO application in Jiangsu Province has passed the trial made by the SFC.  On November 16, the progress made in the announcement of Harbin Bank intends to issue a-shares, the Bank on August 31, 2015, to be submitted to the China Securities Regulatory Commission to issue a shares, including a share prospectus filing is issued on behalf of the application materials and have been accepted by the CSRC. 

insiders said that after following the State-owned banks, joint-stock banks, stagnant 8 third wave banks are hit, city commercial banks, rural commercial bank listed local banks such as access road is expected to reopen.  

it is understood that there are 11 city commercial banks and rural commercial bank Queuing for listing, at least 2 h-share firms waiting to return a share.

in this regard, the ninth visiting Dong Ximiao, a researcher at the finance Research Institute of Renmin University said in an interview with the business daily journalist, with the development of banking, where banks have some pressure on capital, but not only in the capital.  Through listing, city commercial banks and rural commercial bank can improve the corporate governance structure, regulate its own business development; financial data more transparent, but also to public scrutiny.

more than 10 banks Queuing listed shares

on November 16, announced their progress in return a share of Harbin Bank.  If there is no accident, it will be the first to achieve "A+H" stock-listed city commercial banks.

according to the Harbin Bank "initial public offering of a shares prospectuses (Declaration draft)" content, limit of the Bank's a-share IPO to 3.666 billion shares, accounting for 25% of the enlarged share capital.  This prerelease 2.78 Yuan per share net assets per share (RMB, same below), limited 10.191 billion yuan of the total fundraising, exceeded 10 billion yuan.  

insiders also said that Harbin Bank upon a successful completion of the offering, will become the second largest registered capital of domestic businesses.  

the reasons for the return to a-share market, calls to Harbin Bank staff, the other side says, all subject to the prospectus.  

Harbin Bank appears in the prospectus, as of June 30, 2015, the Bank's assets totaled 391.787 billion yuan, loans totaled 153.152 billion yuan, customer deposits amounted to 258.229 billion yuan; bad loans, capital adequacy ratio and tier one capital adequacy ratio and core tier one capital ratios, 12.53%, 1.36% and 12.02%, respectively.

Meanwhile, the prospectus said, the company will continue to increase the percentage of higher-yielding assets of microfinance, increase the intensity of clearing bad assets and increasing their profitability. Added ability to enhance endogenous capital will become the Bank's supplementary capital important ways and channels.  Achieving a-share initial public offering, and after listing in accordance with capital requirements, core capital through a variety of additional equity financing, and create conditions for the further issue of subordinated capital instruments and timing through the issuance of subordinated bonds, hybrid capital bonds and other tools as a complement to other tier-one capital and tier two capital, form a reasonable level of capital and capital structure.

also, in shares market Shang, except Jiangsu Bank has through sent trial outside, daily economic news reporter note to, waiting for listed of also has Guiyang Bank, and Hangzhou Bank, and Shanghai Bank, and emblem Business Bank, and Harbin Bank, several City firm, and Wujiang agricultural firm, and Changshu agricultural firm, and Wuxi agricultural firm, and Zhangjiagang agricultural firm, and Jiangyin agricultural firm, 5 home agricultural firm.  More than another city firm has launched an a-share listing plan.

38 Bank issued tier II capital bond

"capital is relatively rare, it is difficult to easily add, now, many banks are facing capital pressures.  "A banker said.  

in the context of IPO to take place, banks are also seeking other ways to replenish capital.

China bond information network figures show that up to now, 2015 effective circulation of 186.364 billion yuan the secondary capital of commercial bank debt, coupon rate between 5%~6.5% and 2014 effective circulation for the secondary capital of commercial bank debt 356.85 billion yuan, coupon rate between 5.3% ~7%.  However, tier two debt can only supplement the Bank's supplementary capital, is no substitute for additional equity financing, such as tier one capital.

issuers, as at present, a total of 38 banks such as the Bank of Qingdao to participate in Tier II capital bond issuance, a total of 40 single (the release of the Bank of Beijing and Bank of Shaoxing 2 single). Among them, 33 for city commercial banks and rural banks in 2014, representing a marked increase and issuance have also increased.  According to preliminary statistics, this year, city commercial banks and rural commercial bank issued tier two debt than total increase of more than 30 billion yuan last year.  

worth noting is that 2014 tier II capital debt issuers is more of a nationwide joint-stock banks, issuers is approximately 40%, debt accounted for about 80%.

in this regard, said Dong Ximiao, tier two debt is one way to replenish capital. Joint-stock bank debt last year more this year is less, and more city commercial bank debt, may be facing the situation is different. Also, due to the stock market booming, city commercial bank's IPO has more expectations.