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Listed company this year to buy financial products total close to 400 billion

Listed company this year to buy financial products total close to 400 billion

Chinese new year is approaching, flush with uninvested capital of listed companies on the market caused a financial participation in the boom.

according to statistics, since the beginning of this year, 534 a-share listed companies have bought financial products, a total amount of nearly 400 billion yuan.  Worthy of note is, the company has now surpassed last year's 412, the amount falls outside the 20% from the same period. 

Oriental Fortune Choice end statistics showed that since November more than more than 90 companies have bought financial products announcements, which include the idle more than more than 60 investment to raise funds.  

buy financial favor low risk

from disclosure of the listed company announcements, most companies buying financial products locked in low risk capital-finance or structured deposits.

on November 18 on the Yulong shares, Jinhe industrial, Mao Xin technology 17 listed companies released bulletins.  18th announcement of new medicine, raise money in ensuring that does not affect investment projects under the condition of normal, agreed with the company idle using no more than 500 million Yuan, and raised funds to purchase high safety, liquidity and capital preservation agreed short-term financial products or bank deposits.

so big, is not uncommon in listed companies so far this year. New hope said in July the company, agreed with subsidiaries of new hope investment limited use within 12 months total more than 2 billion yuan to buy financial products.  According to incomplete statistics, listed companies in November this year to buy financial products, subscription amounts to billions of 26.

for the reason, companies often say "in order to further improve capital utilization, rational utilization of idle funds, increased corporate earnings."  Retail a-share listed companies in Shanghai executives told reporters that guarantee financial security is the most preferred buying financial products, so companies will often choose lower-risk financial products, a minimum period of 7 days, a maximum of 1 year, annualized yield is around 3%~4%.

"banking capital protected or guaranteed return products, safety and security, larger yields than deposits, especially in the context of consecutive rate cuts, earnings increased considerably. "A joint-stock bank credit control Department said that while products such as trust earnings are high, but in the current economic situation is not good, frequent cases in the event of default, the risk is still high.  Under the influence of frequent rate cuts drop, IMF income downward, stock funds and a higher risk, guaranteed Bank financing with the lowest relative risk of listed company of love.

fundraising is the first source of

books a large number of companies keen to invest idle funds and the funds used to buy financial products, mainly from unused funds of the company and raise money.  According to the announcement, in November, participated in the financial planning company, used to raise funds for the purchase accounting for about 60%.

of this unit from the listed company finance and investment boom, not difficult to find traditional clothing, retail and other companies figure. "Buying financial products for companies the incentive to improve performance, and perhaps is a good way to increase.  "Essence securities analyst said.

net profit of 180 million yuan in the first three quarters of this year seven wolves, relies on financial products investment income arising from 89.52 million Yuan.  Company says currently adjust development strategies, prepared by the "pure industrial" into "industry investment +" mode of operation, develop new profit growth point.

in addition, some companies use their own funds to buy financial products and adjust the investment strategy began to take this.  In March this year, open industry, company, in 2015, by making use of idle funds with a total amount not exceeding 120 million Yuan to buy capital preservation products.

in September, the open industry expanded the scope of trust management. "Considering the recent banking capital preservation product yields sharply lower, the company hopes to increase the cash return on assets and improve business conditions.  "Company staff told reporters, a large amount of idle funds to finance, but also with the affiliate business does not need support, the company's main business areas related to development and stability.

"end effect" warming

effect due to the end of, the listed company's financial boom in more prominent at this time. "Especially at the end of each quarter end, bank check, need red scale, capital requirements are relatively high.  "The above information management Department said.

money remained under loose is widely expected, market participants believe that benefit banks will continue to decline, this also means that the Bank will still be a degree scale growth. "Public financial management in order to maintain relationships with enterprises to create more, so it's facing the finance and corporate clients.  "The person says, in order to maintain relationships, businesses wanted to buy higher-yielding products, banks don't want to sell, will eventually compromise.

"so many companies prefer to buy money nor do business, indicating some boss company are not optimistic about their own companies or related markets.  "Analyst who asked not to be named, said an increasing number of listed companies to buy financial products, may also mean that they think that this risk than investment in industrial or reproduction.

Liu junhai, Director of the Institute of commercial law at Renmin University, told reporters, when purchasing financial products, enterprises need to invest to ensure the right to protect the disclosure of complete and true, clear purchase use source and use of funds and other financial products.