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China Europe international exchanges opened the first renminbi products debut

China Europe international exchanges opened the first renminbi products debut

reporter was informed the latest China Europe International Exchange ("Central") 18th in Germany's financial capital Frankfurt opened. Central Europe by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse Group, jointly funded the establishment of the China financial futures exchange.  Central's opening marked the construction of the Sino-German joint offshore securities market began operation in Europe, which is an important part of internationalisation, Shanghai Stock Exchange and internationalization strategy of Chinese financial futures exchange important signs of progress.

at 9 o'clock in the morning local time, Central Executive Board member Chen Han (co-CEO) and not jianhong (Executive Director), old knocked on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange opening bell. Present at the opening ceremony were from China and Germany Government and industry over more than 80 delegates.  Chinese Ambassador to Germany, Ambassador Shi Mingde, Shanghai Stock Exchange General Manager Huang Hongyuan, the German Exchange Group Chief Executive, Jia Weide (Carsten Kengeter) at the opening ceremony, congratulated the first products to the EU market.

Central Europe the first line products include ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) and Renminbi-denominated bonds. Bank of China International and Bank of China International and Germany commercial cooperation, each issue 1 ETF products denominated in Renminbi, China a-share indices. A Bank of China issues RMB financial bonds listed on the same day.  In addition, the 12 that have been listed on the German exchange market ETF and about more than 180 RMB bonds, would be transferred to the central platform, providing ongoing liquidity.  

was originally established by the Central European and global investors to assets for the subject matter of the products and services, Central early opening, mainly listed renminbi-denominated spot products and settlement of securities and financial derivatives to be listed again when conditions are ripe.

Central Co-Chief Executive Officer Chen Han said: "our aim is to progressively enrich Europe's product line to further enhance Europe's attractiveness to international investors. We are very pleased with market participants to carry out all-round cooperation and jointly promote the offshore development in Europe. "