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Ban warmer trading system, new bonus

Ban warmer trading system, new bonus

since November, the third Board market index up new Board trading was apparently recovered. Near the end of the market for related systems such as layering, transfer Board dividend stream of expected strong.  Many industry insiders said, from the perspective of constructing multi-level capital market system, in addition to the national unit at this stage go system level and constantly improve the relevant system arrangements, ban development, from the higher level of support of the new policy measures are also worth the wait.

trading was apparently recovered

since November, three market indices are not only rare Shi Lian Yang, and daily turnover to return more than 1 billion yuan. On November 17, for example, the new third overall volume was 289 million shares, increased 17.46% per cent; turnover of 1.681 billion yuan, increased 17.65% per cent.  Among them, the market volume and turnover was 230 million shares of the transfer plate and 1.363 billion yuan, from the 36% and 23% respectively.

analysis of the industry, the new ban is towards active mainly with the national system of units to company previously said publicly a number of bonus asymptotically related.

one, national unit turned company Deputy General Manager sui Qiang previously in attended Street (9.56,-0.150,-1.54%) Forum Shi said, currently new ban market has has implementation internal layered of conditions, end of will launched layered system, while, to further play market of fittest function, will further perfect picked brand system;

Second, according to national unit turned company other head of said, end of Qian promoted new ban tone company to venture Board ( 484.00,0.000,0.00%) pilot transfer Board is expected to start

third, SFC in April, stand, ban guidelines, promoting public investment in new work.  Restart with the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index stabilized, and IPO, industry insiders estimate public fund investment Board is expected to make progress.

in terms of valuation, the new third valuation advantages. Minsheng securities analysis Division said that as of November 16, after adjustment since April, the new board the PE level has dropped to about 30 times.  New third valuation discount relative to the gem from 47% to 37% in the year.

in this context, some agencies ban expressed, for the new "tiered Bull" look. Wide cards Hang Seng Analysis Division said, the new ban system bonus asymptotic. Some large institutions and already in the bonus before the floor layout of the new ban.