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To intensify its research private layout spring market

To intensify its research private layout spring market

stocks on Wednesday continued to adjust status, recent strong prime brokerage, military industry Board and the gem suffered decline. This week the trend of shrinking volume up, volume down, experienced a sharp market institutional investors this year were more cautious.

"our young at first and then to meet market expectations, although the index is currently under adjustment, but the medium-term trend is still upward path. "A private person in Shanghai, told reporters.  In addition, several private-equity firms start layout in advance of next year's spring market, judging from the survey data, biological medicine becomes the latest darling of private placement.

still at rose channel

disc Ding fund securities investment Department head said, index shrink volume fell, continued adjustment cycle, 18th the classification index closed are is located in 10th averages zhixia, venture board index almost below Monday big Yang line of low points, early hot also no a exception active killed fell, most venture board led rose unit, and hundred Yuan unit and times shares, are in 30 minutes cycle made double head form. But they believe that "Although the index adjustment, but the overall trend is still upward path, at 3,500 before I fell below, do not shoot upward trend line. This week, two days after the 3,520-point support to break, you are likely to move on to the next box running. "

Shanghai Shi Yi Zhou Ronghua, Director of market research said, the stock market tends to improve the investment environment for a long time, but in the short term risks are intertwined, rebound in the middle or near the end of the adjustment will accelerate, it is recommended that investors hold positions for a long time, short-term investors every high pocket for safe, active interest in news risk to adjustment positions. Near the end of the month, need to turn cautious, the market in December and at the end of the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates and financial pressure under the control of, down to adjust risk.  However, will continue to focus on new energy, new energy automotive, advanced manufacturing, computer and network security, the plate stage opportunities.

despite the short-term concerns, but the situation in the medium term, bodies remain confident. Maharaja Chi Meng, Chairman of investment management in Beijing Lv Changshun told reporters that the currently feature at the bottom of the market, medium strong established. At present Shanghai has formed a bottom Island-shaped structure.

in accordance with the theory of island, Prev close left side gap formation on August 25, gap formation on October 12 at the bottom on the right side, the bottom could be called "safety island", will become an important base of support of 2016, so even if it has gone down recently, not necessarily great, near 3,373 support. "December if consolidation is a layout in the middle of a good time. Operations strategy can still bargain position, waiting patiently for investment opportunities in the first quarter of next year. "