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Bloggers early review: calm while waiting for the defuse the double pressures

Bloggers early review: calm while waiting for the defuse the double pressures

JD: calm while waiting for the defuse the double pressures

Tuesday morning is passionate, on Monday opened high up in line, direct the storm in early trading on Tuesday, brokers opened a second wave of attacks, even individual brokers set an all-time high! Prev up to 3,678 points on Tuesday to hold one day will do the trick, a wave of rise begins, it is regrettable that, brokers collective down in the afternoon, all in a long upper shadow, this will be a blow to sentiment!

simple see Prev day k-line, as Tuesday closed, has almost seven a day in years line on, this breakthrough can considered effective breakthrough and effective stand years line, temporarily no big due, if see 30 minutes k-line seems to has building double head of suspected, but this double head on currently we provisional for fake double head, we may wish to calm waiting for this double head pressure was resolve! Pure stocks, afternoon shadie can obviously not have spiked higher in the morning, it can now be seen as washed up on the line, repeatedly and after stepping on, so is critical on Wednesday, brokerage shares could continue to hold, in addition, the market needs new hotspots continue to maintain popularity!

new energy vehicle plate is maintained 3-5 years of high prosperity can be recognized by the overall plate pattern are maintaining upside trend, could lead the market again! Following the September visit to the United States twice on the stock market, twice during the October visit to Britain after the stock market in November, Mr XI and fifth in the central financial and economic leading group of the meeting talked about the stock market. President XI, "speed up the formation of finance functions, basic system solid and effective market regulation, investors full protection of the rights of the stock market." It is well known that economic restructuring, industrial upgrading is the current challenges facing the country, which relies on resource reallocation, configured in terms of the way traditional banks have gradually reflect inelasticity, at this time, as a more efficient capital market more efficient and more market-oriented allocation, its significance is also highlighted.

only financing through the stock market, to achieve the Thirteen-Five program on "increasing the proportion of direct financing, lower leverage," goal, the current proportion of indirect financing, enterprise over-leveraged financial risks.

and restructuring through mergers and acquisitions, zombies who swallow huge amounts of credit resources integration of enterprise restructuring or exit the market, resolve excess capacity and the creation of conditions so that a competitive, innovative company, primarily through equity financing (including IPO and refinancing), better and stronger, bigger. Objectively speaking, only financing through the stock market, in order to "increase the proportion of direct financing, lower leverage" to solve excess capacity for those innovative businesses, primarily through equity financing, strong and big. The stock market, especially the accelerated equity financing, shouldering the burden of industrial upgrading with economies in transition.

so, at 2,850 after the bottom has been recognized as a historic point, is nothing more than how the shocks in the late rally, the so-called slow cattle movements, as England dominated the market, any jump or plunge will be effectively controlled or dissolve, in view of this, we have to practice more low and sell high skills! + Monetary easing shortage remains the main logic of the a shares rebound in asset allocation, the Yuan before joining the SDR and the IPO resumption, stability is the top priority, the national team will not let the market fall! Live in specific operations, see the daily dish!