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Fund managers favored growth of the subject matter

Fund managers favored growth of the subject matter

some fund managers believe that this round of rebound in prices rises have increased considerably, due to the recent performance of the company in a vacuum period, incremental capital inflows is not obvious, and news of various impacts, increased risk of short-term market shocks.  In the operation, say fund managers still need to select growth targets.  

shock up

financing Internet media said Lin Qingyuan, Fund Manager in the short run, the market has rebounded to 5,178, down the second stage high, combined with the IPO from the policy level to restart, the Fed rate hike expected cuts impact the stability of the international economy and terrorist attack, heightened short-term volatility risk.

Lin Qingyuan pointed out that another factor of concern are two thawing rate balances, the last two weeks two thawing scale every day, nearly 20 billion yuan increase.  When markets rise, two financing will be up, but market sentiment this time of two financing is a potential risk.

merchants manufacturing hybrid analysis of fund managers to be appointed Wang Jing, four-quarter rise in shares can hardly sailed across the market. Although every field in the financing balance in slow recovery, small inflows in emerging markets ETF for weeks, but are not large in amount, incremental funding is limited. She also pointed out that there is little chance of the market turns down.

on one hand, from the micro-mobility, market confidence is gradually restored after the deleveraging; the other hand, economic fundamentals have not showed a significant improvement expected in December there will be a drop, ample liquidity will continue. Trust, bond yields continued steps, gradually less attractive for capital, accumulation of large amounts of money in the Bank pool had nowhere to go, stock market well sump, the State is likely to continue for a long time. Therefore, the market is likely to maintain a structural market. "Markets will eventually select a direction, I judge a share to the probability of upward shocks. "

for the short-term, Wang Jing said the market may have a slight adjustment needed. "Many second board companies rebounded since late September over 30%, or even 40% many profitable cash needs. In addition, the recent news is not calm, which may result in emotional care. "