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Beijing to unveil the Government's responsibility in Listing 6 large "urban disease" there will be accountability "control orders"

Beijing to unveil the Government's responsibility in Listing 6 large

yesterday, the city series and other related departments jointly issued a message, the city will release two government power list-list and the list of responsibilities. The introduction of two lists, the powers and responsibilities of various government departments will be carried out "big jiede".  Among them, the power list announced earlier this year the Administration approval, based on the content of the two categories of administrative punishment power, will be published in the near future the remaining 7 types of power; the Government list of responsibilities will be divided into two, a list of lists 116 general responsibility, another is based on "urban disease" list specific responsibilities of governance.

4668 "power resources" will be "Sun"

why prepare introduction of Government powers and responsibilities of the two list?  City knitting related officials explained that the power listing through the "Sun" Department "power resources", and accept supervision by the masses, government departments achieve "without authorization is not available"; responsibility for listing the functions of the Government must be known to prevent slough off responsibility and not as.

all departments of the Municipal Government to master how much power? By the central powers of classification, and Government departments there were "9+X" big powers, including administrative license, the administrative punishment and administrative compulsory levy, administrative, executive pay, administrative inspections, administrative confirmations, administrative incentives, administrative rulings, and other categories.  

control the power category, and various government departments in the city "9+X" class power altogether 4668.

earlier this year, the list of administrative approval, two categories of administrative punishment power has "Sun". It is understood that the other "7+X" powers, also all in the near future "Sun". This means that power list of the municipal government departments to complete disclosure.  Published power list in addition to the sector-specific terms of reference content, also requires all government departments "drying" the terms of reference of the exercise grounds, flowchart, supervision and other content, in order to accept social supervision.

governance "urban disease" Government responsibility list will be developed

by various government departments in the exercise of the powers of, and what responsibilities "must"?  The content, will be the subject of a separate "list of responsibilities" together in the form of "Sun".

according to reports, the Government list of responsibilities will be divided into two, one for "general responsibility list", another is "special duty list." The so-called "common responsibility list" refers to the Government in the exercise of authority, covering many common responsibilities must be fulfilled. Government departments in the exercise of this authority of administrative license, an "acceptance". In this session, Government duty must be fulfilled at once informed of the correct materials, and issue a written certificate admissible or inadmissible. In future, these responsibilities will be incorporated into the Government's "universal responsibility list".  It is understood that the list altogether 116 government responsibility.

"special responsibility list" will be devoted to cross-sectoral, cross-level priorities, problems, divided into 6 "special" content, all focusing on Beijing "urban" areas of governance, including population control and service order management, control of air pollution, urban environment management, illegal construction management, construction supervision of workplace safety, Fireworks and safety management.

"for example, ' combating air pollution ' list of special responsibility, we decomposed to reduce coal-fired, charged with responsibility to reduce oil, pollution abatement, clean dust, administrative law-enforcement cooperation, such as the. Among them, reduce coal-fired this responsibility, development and Reform Commission, the Commission, the Council, Planning Commission, councils, the Council and all relevant departments are responsible for what, County, neighborhood offices and what is the responsibility of the Government, special listing will be clearly identified.  "The city made Deputy Director Sun Shizhu said.

it is understood that the "list of specific government responsibilities" will be extended and enriched in the future, in 6 special list based on the compiled list of responsibilities for other focus areas.  Power list, too, will also be based on laws and regulations on the basis of changes make dynamic adjustments at the right time.  


list control responsibilities for accountability

dialogue: the addendum related officials

bei Qing: the Government's responsibility and power manifests, what relationship?

official: Government in the course of administration, right must be responsibility, shoes must be responsible. The responsibility and authority of the Government is consistent in the exercise of powers must fulfill certain responsibilities. Prime Minister Li keqiang has said that power listing to determine "what the Government can do" without authorization is not available; with a checklist of responsibilities to clear "How could the Government market" statutory duty must be. List of powers, is to draw the boundary of Government duty list, border is the responsibility of the Government.  Two lists together, constitute an important part of responsibilities among Government.

bei Qing government responsibility list exactly how to implement?  If the Government failed to carry out duties in the list, and who will monitor?

responsible person: the original departmental duties, are scattered in the legal regulations and various files, now detailed item-by-item in list form, listed by all levels of departments, we control inventory accountability.  This responsibility listing, a is to to social announced, accept social of supervision, which sector in this pieces thing Shang negative which responsibility, or this pieces thing should by which sector is responsible for; also has a is let Government the sector no longer shuffle wrangling, yiqian a government sector may only clear himself of responsibility, not clear other sector in this pieces thing Shang what negative what responsibility, now put all sector, and level responsibility are column clear has, avoid Government the sector again shuffle responsibility.  

North Green: 6 special duty list, Beijing "urban disease" role it governance?

official: list of responsibilities means breaking the capital "city disease" an exploration of the problems and practices.

to some extent, list specific responsibilities equivalent to "urban disease" in a field and a management matter, departments perform their duties according to the integration and segregation of duties. At present we are in conjunction with the national development and Reform Commission, the environmental protection agency, Planning Commission, municipal amenities, safety supervision and Management Bureau, the Bureau of law enforcement departments, prepared for "urban disease" list of 6 special responsibilities.  Next, ease traffic congestion will also be prepared, city emergency management and other special list.

North Green: power and responsibility manifests have anything to do with ordinary people?  How to exercise their right of supervision of the public?

responsible person: power list list and responsibilities relationship to ordinary people is still very large, some effects are obvious, some are invisible, long-term. Power list, the public can "see", "two", "three doc": look at what are the powers of the Government? What the Government is "pipe me?"

"two", that is, if government departments can be found, you can use the power list, check who do look at the flowchart. "Three doc", by means of this list, exercising supervision, some feedback. List specific responsibilities, is presenting a business division, take this list to the public, knew about this, which part of the look.